God Moments

A few days ago, my wife and our oldest daughter Eden went out for Eden’s first music class for the season.  I was at home with our second daughter Lydia and our son Ezra.  Ezra was crying and would not go to sleep and I started to get frustrated and couldn’t figure out what to do.  Fortunately, Lydia was taking a nap at this time so I was able to focus purely on Ezra.  I decided to strap him into the forward facing baby carrier and go outside into our backyard with him. We walked around and as I stopped in front of one of our bushes, I noticed that Ezra began cooing and talking and reaching out to grab the leaves of the bush.  He was discovering something new about the world around him, and in the midst of this moment, it was like time… just… froze…  All my thoughts focused in on this moment.  It was like all sound was gone also.  I was fully engaged in this moment.  And it was then that I felt the voice of the Lord saying, “I am with you where ever you go.”

Words cannot capture the pure awesomeness of that kind of moment with God.  It was a gentle whisper that caused such a powerful stirring in my heart.  The sense that I got was that God is with me wherever I go, and God delights in these times where I discover more about His character and His love and His goodness.

I want to encourage you with these words.  May you have God moments this week.  Whether it’s on the drive to work, or the bus to school, whether it’s on a nice walk in the park or hanging out at a coffee shop… May you become so aware of God’s presence around you.  May you be in tune with God’s voice speaking softly into your heart.

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