The God of Blessings

Last week I had something happen to me that put me in awe of God to an even greater degree.  I believe God does these things to show us just how Awesome He is… I received a phone call from one of the new music stores in town.  The nice employee on the other end of the phone said, “Hello James, we have something here for you.”  Now, I’ve been receiving a lot of telemarketing calls lately.  I’ve had calls trying to sell me duct cleaning services, calls telling me I have a problem with my windows computer even though I use a Mac, and I’ve received calls in the past telling me I won a trip to Collingwood.  They were all a nuisance and the last one was totally bogus, so when I received this phone call, I immediately thought, this was another telemarketing scheme.  But the nice employee on the phone added, “Someone bought you a guitar James, and all you have to do is pick it up.”  I immediately got in my car and drove to the music store.  As I stepped foot into the store, I was greeted by the showcasing of the finest guitars money could buy and the fragrance that these guitar gave off was music to my soul.  Then, the employee who was on the other end of the phone came and greeted me and introduced me to my guitar.  He handed me a note from the generous servant of the Most High and it read, “Please accept this as a gift from our Lord.”  I was speechless.  As I opened the case, the fragrance of the Sapele wood lifted my spirits yet at the same time made me nervous to touch it.  It was like meeting someone special for the very first time.  The employee encouraged me to play it.  As I picked it up, I could tell this was not a normal guitar like the one I used to play.  This was unique.  I sat down, held the “G” chord and took my very first strum.  In an instant, the nervousness of my first meeting with the guitar was gone and I sensed a oneness with it.  In just one strum, this became my new instrument to worship the King of Kings with. 

This whole thing brought a great revelation to me.  God is a God who blesses us.  But His blessings upon us are not just so we can receive, but that we can give and be a blessing to others.  The more we give, of ourselves, our time, our resources, our gifting… the more we will receive.

My very first guitar was a beat up old Yamaha.  I learned how to play a few worship songs on it and it helped bring me closer to God.  After learning to play just a few chords, I was asked to help lead worship at my parents’ church.  I didn’t know much about playing guitar, but I agreed anyway.  Soon after, I began to learn more and more, and I led worship more and more.  As I gave of my time and my little ability to play guitar, the Lord gave the increase.  And today, I am honoured to have received the increase in the form of a brand new guitar, ready to be used to bring Glory to God.

What do you have?  It can be difficult sometimes to see what we have, especially if our minds are on what we DO NOT have.  But ask yourself, what DO I have, and how can I use the little I have to bless others?  It is all about blessing others.  When we do, God will bless us even more, so that we can bless others even more. 

Lets not focus on our lack, but focus on what we have and give God glory with what we have.  

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