Through the Bible in 90 Days Commences

With the start of my preaching ministry at Trinity EMC, my dream of seeing revival is always in the horizon.  Last Sunday began a sermon series called “Through the bible in 90 days” which was spearheaded with the story of King Josiah who, in the midst of a nation plagued with idolatry and broken covenant with God, was ignited with passion after hearing the book of the law read to him.  My hope and prayer for Trinity church is that as we go through the bible in 90 days, we will discover a God who is intensely passionate about His people, which in turn will cause His people to be intensely passionate for Him.

Lord come.  We bid you come.  As we seek your face and turn from our cravings for other things, may your Glory be revealed and spread like a wild fire.  Amen.

4 Replies to “Through the Bible in 90 Days Commences”

  1. James. This is awesome. As a TEMC member I am so excited to start this journey. The accountability and discussion has already begun with my immediate family and church family. We are in this together. We will learn and grow so much through this process. Thanks ! Skye

  2. James, that was a powerful message! It showed God’s plan for man and His mercy and grace. It was a message I will not easily forget!!!!!
    Blessings as you seek the Lord James!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Gudrun. God is awesome and I believe as we read His word, we will discover even more of that statement. Blessings my faithful prayer warrior elder!

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